Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Late bloomers and teenagers.

All right, first off, here is the shawl I was trying to upload yesterday. The stars were all aligned correctly, and I was able to upload the picture. It is a pattern from for a feather and fan comfort shawl. I am presently fringing it... Picture when finished.

If all the planets line up just right.

The yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease. Lots of it, I think I used on the bonus size that I have (8 oz. skeins), uh, 2 or 3 to get a 5 1/2 foot shawl. The fringe will probably nail another half skein or so.

I believe that Rhodedendrons in this area bloom about April. Well, as you can see, this one has no clue what season it is. I am reminded of someone saying something, and I need to give a response. I think of the perfect response...

When I get home.

Is this the flower version? It is pretty, tho. Sort of hidden, where it was planted, (was here before we bought the place), so it is going to do as it does without my help. I am not fond of Rhodies, but at least this one isn't some washed out color, it's a lovely red.

Annnnd, here are a few of my chickens. I finally got a picture of some of the 'teenagers', they are allowed to roam, (we call them the Bug Patrol). They are a Bantam of some sort. A Mom, an adoptive Dad, (he's a lover, not a fighter, and stays with the group, away from other roosters), and six kids.

One of the kids, I belive might be a rooster. He goes after the finches around the bird feeder and defends his turf, so to speak. The others, they eat and don't worry too much about who else is around, except for the dog, husband, and myself. They are very wild. We haven't made a lot of effort to tame them, they seem ok, so we have the benifit of less bugs, and they go pretty much where they please. Thankfully, they've not found my garden. Yet. The only ones who aren't fond of the situation is our cats. They sleep, the tail twitches, and all the chicks are on it, thinking that looks like the perfect after dinner worm! The cats are not amused.

This is Cher. She is one of the 'top' hens in the flock. She has attitude plus. She tried to knock the feed bucket out of my hand one time by standing on my foot and then jumping on the bucket. The bucket tipped over before I could catch it, and she ended up getting bonked in the face, tipped tush over teakettle, and lost out to the others on the food that dropped. She doesn't do that so much now, for some reason. She will still stand on my foot to get at the food, though.

My parents-in-law will be coming to stay with us for about a month, I have been converting my craft room back into a bedroom for them. It has been an interesting process, but we are pretty much ready for thier arrival. Not a moment too soon for us to be finished, they are leaving a day early. We shall see what transpires...

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