Monday, August 28, 2006

Boating, smoke, Shrek's Butt... And lost keys.

Went out boating with Husband, he likes to see tinker with and then test his "toy", a jet for the boat. (115 with 80 out, for anyone that cares... No, I really don't know what that means. I know that's what he said, ask me about car engines, or yarn. That, at least, I know something about...)
Anyway, from Corvallis to Harrisburg and back. Leisurely, and then it happened.

Field burning, right up from where we were. Uh, oh. We continued on our trip, and fortune favored us until we were almost returned before the smoke actually hit us. My nose was happy about this. Meanwhile, on the trip back, we saw these floats in the water. I was curious, and Russ obliged, moving the boat close to the floats. Hmmm. Veggie floats. We ended up getting three big crookneck squash from the river, and the chickens have had a treat the last couple days.

Why someone would throw good (if HUGE) squash in the river, I don't know, but it was interesting.

Oh, and then when we got home that evening...

Yep, they started burning near us, too. The sun looked like a blood orange. My nose, too. Well, possibly more like Rudolph at Christmas, but anyway... Allergies stink.

Oh, I am getting near the last of them, but when you do LOTS of apples, you start to get silly. I got silly, I present to you...

Shrek's Butt! Yes, apples, apples, apples. Now, when I start making PANTS for them, that's when I will worry...

I think I may have grown up a bit. I normally panic when I lose something. I mean I snarl, tear the house apart, scream, cry, snarl again, tear the house apart, tear the car apart, dump my purse, cry... You get the idea.

I misplaced some trailer keys. Husband said we should look for them. I started where I thought I'd left them. He looked where I normally put them. No panic, yet, but didn't find them. He suggested, purse. Dumped purse on table, nope. But no panic. He suggested under the dresser where I thought I'd set them. One LARGE wolf spider, which I speedily moved AWAY from, but after Husband removed that monsterous, overlarge, fanged, drooling, slavering,... Uh, got rid of the spider, I finished looking, nope, no keys. And one less spider. So. Hmm. So, we decided to split up, Husband would look in the car, I would look in the house. And, still, NO panic. So I decided that the bag I had sitting didn't need to be there, it was with things going in the trailer. I picked up the bag, TA DA!!! One set of keys! I bellowed out the door, "FOUND 'EM! GOT 'EM! " Poor husband got an earful, I bellowed with out looking, and he'd just walked up to the door. BUT, we had the keys, I have no acid in my throat, and, well, I think it just worked a mite better this way. Now if I can manage to do it again, we might have something here!

Oh, and I put my keys where they belong, too.

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  1. Well, personally I think there's a reason for Shrek wearing oants then... He seems a bit lopsided! What do you think Fiona says about that? Not to mention that some horse might get snacky. Hmmm

    See - panicking isn't always a good thing, and it worked out well. One less spider!
    Hugs - Pat


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