Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Well, Parents in Law have left, and I have finally sat down to try and blog again!

I didn't have too much problem with them being here, but it was a change for all of us. They are night owls. Like 1 am is thinking about bedtime. We go to bed on a late night at about 10. Normally, 9. Happily, they weren't real noisy, and we both sleep pretty heavily, so it worked out. We also gave them a room and a bathroom of their own. Thank all that's holy we did. I don't know quite how we would have done it, if we'd had them sleep on the couch in the front room. We are just incredibly fortunant that we had the extra space for it... Even if I had to completely desimate the craft room to do it! Oh,well, I have the "stuff" in boxes, and instead of just plunking it all back in there, I am taking my time and making the good go in, but the 'stuff' that is just been riding along, gets to wander to someone/somewhere else, be it the local thrift store, or a friend that could use it, or just THE GARBAGE!!!

This is also a reason I didn't write for a day or two. Rudee is for perspective (STILL without the ball in his mouth. Point camera, drop ball. If I ask him to drop the ball, though...) Anyway, we have traded a gent some yard work, for taking out the dead trees in his yard. LOTS of dead trees. We have a wood stove, and it has been known that power outages occur around here, (however, I must say Consumer's Power has done well by us, so far), and we bucked wood. I am rather tired of bucking wood. Nerves weren't that hot either, since a couple times husband, (who fell said trees) got the tops tangled in other trees twice. As I recall, loggers refer to that as a 'widow maker'. Ahem. My nerves were strung tight until he was able to get the tree DOWN! We mashed a couple of the little cherry trees in the process, I guess the gent's wife was unhappy about that, but I guess, Hmmm, cherry tree, husband, cherry tree, husband... To blazes with the stupid cherry tree!

This is a picture of the final amount... We have about 10 cord, according to husband. I really am glad I helped, and I am REALLY glad we don't have to do that again for a while.

On a sad note, one of my oldest hens died, just old age. Her name was Meanie, and she was a good hen. Laid green eggs. Bearded chicken. Annoyingly, I have no pictures of her. But she was a good hen. Why the "Meanie" name? She was the top hen, and would prove it by tearing feathers out of any and all comers, including the roosters. She also had an odd sound she would make, I haven't heard it with any of my other birds, it sounded like trying to start a car with a bad solinoid. Don't know why she did it either. She'd be standing, or eating, then she'd stop, look around, and then 'gr-gr-r-r-r-r-nk!"

She was a good hen.

On a better note, I have just bought 25 pounds of flour, for my hobby. Bread baking. I go to any group thing anymore, I am asked if I would bring bread. I made bread for the dinner after the funeral of my Aunt, and I noticed some of the bread was gone, before dinner, then heard the kitchen ladies talking about the fact that they weren't going to be able to eat much after eating that homemade bread! (Mine was the only home made there, and they didn't know me to be 'polite' about the food, so I was happy.)

The only problem with 25 pounds of flour? You put it in a container, you look like Casper the Friendly Ghost's cousin. I am already fair of skin... I don't need that!

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    Thought I would pop in and see if there was any activity and get a few chuckles. Thanks. You never disappoint.

    Belly Dancer


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