Wednesday, November 15, 2006

You know it's going to be a long day when...

Hi, again.

Well, finally got into Blogger. I know I have been away too long when I couldn't remember my password 'n such... Had to work with the few I have, finally came up with it. Sheesh.

I am mourning the passing of Patchwork. Known to her friends as Patchy, she was uncerimoniously dumped on us when a neighbor moved out from our last house. She was a cat's cat, finicky and fickle, my husband didn't care for her. He'd only been around my other cats, who think they are dogs, one or two will even play fetch. NOT Patchy. She would only like to be petted on her terms, and not thump, thump, thump, like you would a dog. I think that's when Husband started disliking her so. Husband did that, and she turned and bit at his thumb, he took a smack at her, she ran off. And the lines were drawn. I will miss her. Even if Husband doesn't.

Hunkering down for yet another winter storm here, we are going to have an arborist come out to look at one of our trees. It's a beautiful tree, I hope that it's okay, because it will be pretty obvious if it is taken out. That is, it's a focal point in our front yard. Think good thoughts!

Sent a package out to Rabbitch. (Go see her website. It's hilarious. ) She is having a contest to make hats for the homeless in her area. I entered the contest, but I think I will probably make some more later, just because. Let's face it, I love to make hats, and most of the people around here just don't need anymore!

Am still working on a present for my Mom. A sweater. I hope to have it finished before Christmas. I like knitting, but I swear, I knit for HOURS, and get, oh, a quarter inch finished. How bad do you think I wouuld screw it up if I just stretched the holy living crap out of it, so the sides met up. Mom could walk leaning sideways, right? *sigh* Ok, I won't. But it does seem like it's taking a long time. Let's just say a few of the other knitting Christmas ideas are officially 2007 ideas. I hope...

If you have ever heard of Flylady, I guess my blog is going to have to be a new habit that I work on. 15 minutes a day, and maybe I will have a habit, so I don't keep forgetting my silly password!

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  1. I didn't wait until break. I had been away too long! How did the tree turn out? We also have an oak tree that is a focal point in our yard. If it ever goes it will take the house with it.


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