Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mushrooms and Gingerbread and knits, oh, my!

What have I been doing today? Cleaning the hen house. Out with the old, in with the new (ceader...) Chickens were annoyed that they had to be outside when it was raining, but they came into a clean dry house, so they can just shush.
(No, I didn't take a picture, ceader covered with chicken poo just isn't photogenic.)

After a bit of a scrub, I made post Christmas Gingerbread cookies. I had the dough left over from when my niece and nephew were here (they more or less made the dough), and thought I had better finish it up, before it solidified into a fruitcake or something. The kids did a pretty good job!

Husband went to visit someone to help them with a generator they had problems with. Husband has worked on several, and has paperwork on them, so I guess they had a grand old time working out the kinks of the rig, and these lovely shitake mushrooms were a thank you gift. HOO BOY, we are eating nice tonight! Or soon, anyway.

Mom's sleeves are going to be a few inches shorter than the pattern says, so I get to be creative and figure out how I am going to increase to make sure the silly arms line up with the sleeve holes! Wish me luck!

This was the UFO that I said was just yarn and a pattern on my shelf. I started it, it's called "Vegas Knitting". More or less, it's a process with coins and dice of deciding what you are going to knit stitch wise, and what color or type yarn you will use each row. I really like it, and might make a few more.

So, the achingly exciting life of Cat continues.

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  1. Dang, those cookies look gooooood!


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