Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I have been working for about the last HALF HOUR or so to get the Blogger system to first realize that, no, I do NOT have cookies on non accept, I don't have it on the new system, and finally, that I DO have a blog! I realize I don't write on it often, but come on... And really, I have to get in now, as Husband has found Craig's List. And now has to check it several times daily, on the off chance something new was put on since the time he checked it, oh, 10 minutes ago. And a website called "Fish Sniffer". I wasn't quite sure if Husband had gone 'round the bend, but it turns out it's about boating, and fishing, not someone with a very straaaaaaaange fetish... But with only one access to the internet, it gets interesting, so I will still be catch as catch can. I am beginning to think setting a clock for Midnight might be a good time...

This is the official first flower of spring at our house. It's a race between the crocus and some tulips called "Ice Stick". This year, Ice Stick was late out of the gate, and the crocus are crocussing alone. But when the Ice Stick gets "on the stick", so to speak, there are going to be a LOT of them! I think they tripled during the off season!

I have been knitting. I have been going to make a yarn swift, too. BUT, Husband decided HE wanted to make me a yarn swift. Lovely. Ok, fine, let him feel all warm and fuzzy because he made me something. But it's been about oh, 2 months now, and no swift. I have been relying on an organic swift right now, in fact. (Thanks, Mom...) So, news as events warrant, but I am not exactly holding my breath that the swift is going to be... swift in coming!!!

This is a new batch of yarn I had bought. Expensive (for me) yarn. I get snarls in yarn without a swift. THIS IS WHY I WANT A SWIFT. The snarl in the above picture doesn't look like much, I suppose, but if you realize it took me nearly three hours to get it unsnarled... And since my normal method of unsnarling consists of pulling out my Leatherman blade and cutting off the part that is causing me problems, (I am a true believer in Occam's razor, thank you...), you will probably figure out that I am not a very patient person. I was screaming and crying by the time I finished getting the snarls out and the ball wound. (No, Husband wasn't home, why do you ask?)

I have been knitting, hats and socks mostly. Dulaan stuff. I might knit myself a pair of socks, I have some really soft fire engine red wool, once upon a zillion years ago, it was going to be a felted hat. But, I decided that I want socks, and don't really care about the hat. Now I just have to find a nice sock pattern. Hmm. I will have to put up some pix later of it, but am feeling lazy and don't want to dig out the camera at the moment... Now that I actually have some material for blogging (I think, anyway), and Husband is going to be working for a couple days, maybe I can get in some pages. Hope springs eternal!

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