Thursday, February 22, 2007

Slow day in the Country.

So slow, in fact, I haven't written anything, and half the day is gone! I went to eat at a Chinese restaurant that I like, and the fortune cookie said, "Work on ideas that are creative and can bring fine results." Sound like a push to do blogging! Or my newest knit hat. I will have a picture later, it's green with yellow and Burgundy red. Since it's to be donated to Dulaan, I decided it's going to be called "Mongolian Rastafarian". Sounds like a rock group. Eh, I think it will be pretty.

Rabbitch had, and I think Ryan, as well, this "meme" on their websites, I liked it, decided it was good, so took a "tag, you're it" for my item today.

Without further ado: Six weird things about me (God is that limiting...)

In no particular order....

1. When I am checking my email, and want to leave MS Office, I have to go back to the inbox. I don't know why, I know that you can be anywhere, in any file, but I don't. I go back to the inbox. I think it's because I was taught that when I first learned on someone else's computer, and he was... Anal-retentive to where I think he pooped once a year... Ahem. Anyway, that's what he taught me to do, and I am almost compulsive about it. Doesn't bother me when others quit in a different folder, however. Go Figure.

2. I have trained my chickens to move to a 'backup beep'. You know, when a truck backs up, it drones on with 'beeep, beeep, beeep'? I do that when I open the gate to the chicken yard, and they all move back, knowing the gate is moving. I didn't realize quite how well I'd taught them, until yesterday. We had a delivery of rock, and I was outside. The truck backed up, and dutifully, all the chickens moved back from the gate, then looked highly confused when the gate didn't open. (I don't have any idea how to take a picture of this, or it might be put on You Tube... Ah, the joys of being a computer dork...)

3. I hate trying to spell weird, and one, and a few other words. I end up spelling 'wired' more often than not, and I continually try to put "won" for "one". That's why I am pretty adept at spell checking (with my eyeballs, I don't always trust Unca Billy's dictionary.)

4. When I knit with two needles, I tend to put one against my chest or arm, and knit with the other. I didn't know this was unusual until I went to a knitting class to get some help, and one of the other students commented on it. LOUDLY. I couldn't figure out what she kept yipping about, asking "what ARE you doing? What ARE you doing?"

I answered, completely confused at this point, "uh, knitting?"

Whereupon she said, "NO, you are STABBING yourself!"

I actually looked around, to see where I had something sticking out of my person, she was that hyped up about it... Turns out, I knit sort of my own way a bit, but this kind of knitting is more common in Eastern European countries. I just do it because I learned on long needles, and needed a bit more control of same. So, I guess by common American standards, I do knit unusually. Eh. Still gets the hats out.

5. I like to give tips to waitresses and waiters directly. I have twice left money on the table, and had it taken before the waitress got back. (Once by a FAMILY member, sheesh!) So, I figure if I give the money directly, she has it, and I don't have to worry about her (or him) being stiffed monetarily. And they seem pleased, so, it's good.

6. I like 'guy' stuff. I like Three Stooges, working on cars, (or at least helping), I love steaks, I think makeup and nail paint is fru-fru, and don't use it much. And don't get me started about "chick flicks". But I like 'girl' stuff, too. I have a largeish collection of stuffed animals, I love flowers, and I do occasionally like to dress up with (LOW) heels, and a dress, perfume and the like. I guess I have androgynous interests.

So, there you have it, Cat's offical foray into "memes". I will have to find some more so I have more blogging content. Or, just start putting up some of my pictures.
Like this one, of a porta potty in the middle of the lake we were boating on. I guess, when ya gotta go...

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