Monday, March 26, 2007

Anyone need some #3 needles?

Well, I have finished another pair of socks for the Dulaan project. This was another pair of two needle socks, in a small gauge yarn, and #3 needles (US), that really missed thier calling as nails, or hair sticks, or voodoo needles, or fondue forks, just dang near ANYTHING but knitting instruments. They are way so sharp on the points, I had to work exceedingly hard not to split the yarn I was knitting, plus the tips were "long", so I had to make sure I had it well past the point, or the yarn would slip off, as they were metal. I have some other 3's, so I think these will become a donation to something. Plant stake, something... I just don't want to knit with them anymore!

But the socks are kinda cute. (Mary Ann Croisant's Two Needle Socks, if you are interested.)

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