Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Craig's List addiction...

So, I haven't been too reliably regular about posting. Some is indeed my fault, wandering off to new projects, not having a clue what to write about, running off to get things done, the usual suspects.

HOWEVER... I am finding I have to compete against Husband for computer time.


The nefarious Craig's List, the bane and temptation of all who are not neat, orderly, and are nefarious collectors of 'stuff', i.e., "PACK RATS". (Yes, I know, I called Husband a pack rat. Shush.) Now, if you are desperately in need of wrought iron gates, a 10 foot boat (some work needed), or have something to give to the fine person who needs "large amounts of fill dirt or compost, clean" ( clean compost???), or need a date, a job, a house, or spinning lessons (yarn OR bike), this is the place for you. Husband reads the boat section daily. And whatever section is the mechanical 'stuff', oh, like welders and tools. Don't know that he calls on all that much stuff, but it's like getting a catalog, and looking through it. Except this 'catalog' has new pages every few hours... And Husband loves to get the occasional item, clean it up, then use it for various and sundry things. Which is fine. Except when I realize he's spent more time on the computer than I have... By HOURS. Eeep!

So, Mr. Craig Person, I am not really happy with you... Hey, what's this? Farm and Garden section? Hmm. Twisted Willow, Large. Chickens? Sheep? LLAMAS?!!???

Excuse me, I need to go, uh... Check something...

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