Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Head Cowd...

I thought I had allergies. Well, it tisn't. I am now the wonder snot producer of the North West. I thought it was going to be a miserable day.

Then I went outside to feed. The Weekly Wonder chicks, while still terrified of me, are sprouting little tiny flight feathers.

There were no slugs on the front porch this morning, when I went to feed the cats.

There were several birds singing, and I saw at least 2 robins and some little cute brown and orange bird that seems to have a penchant for doing loop de loops as it takes off.

The neighbors calves are playing "head butt" tag out in front of the window, so I can watch them, instead of in the back field, where I can't see them.

I have no where I need to be today, so I can just stay home and vegitate.

Hey, maybe it isn't so bad... If I could just stop the snot machine... Maybe I should just stuff a hankie up each nostril. Hey, no one's home.

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