Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Dulaan Warrior's Contribution...

Ryan wanted pictures, here's the picture of what I am sending to Dulaan. (Don't know who Ryan is?
Don't know what Dulaan is? )

I have a picture of an unfinished hat in front, as I have FINISHED the hat, before May 1st, for the "One More For Dulaan" push... However, I want it lined. Fabricky stuff is my Mom's baliwick, not mine, so much, so I will give this to her to line. But I *did* finish it before the deadline!

Maybe next year I can send some items made from homespun llama fur/hair/wool/whatever? I am getting where I can touch them all, but not enough where they are totally relaxed, ('specially the feet, no touchy! NOOO touchy the feet!) Ok, sorry for the llama joke. Not. Leave it to Disney to give me blogging fodder...

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