Thursday, May 03, 2007


Well. I was going to have a post with pictures, but there was this little detail. I tried to take a picture, and the camera's batteries gave up. Died. Kaputzy. Guess I shouldn't complain, but I do. Darn it. I think most things today run on AA's.

Anyhow, the project(s). I am working on a sweater, a purse, and two pair socks. At least that is the things not stuck on the UFO shelf in the craft room. But am I doing good, finishing these items. Sort of. I already have an idea for a new project. I want to make a bag with the home-spun yarn I made. I think it will be more than adequate to hold groceries if I make it into a market bag of some ilk. And some red wool that I spun, oh, it would make a nice hat. But I am still trying to decide what color to add to make the design with the red. Black? White? Hmm. Then there is Knitpick's box sampler. It comes with like fifty skeins of yarn, and if I buy two, WHOA! Think of all the socks I can make!

Ok, back to reality. I am still working on Sock #2. I didn't finish sock #1, but Sock #2 is further along (no, these are not a pair, one is blue, one is variegated. Well, I guess if you are Dobby, they'd be ok.) Anyway, back to knitting. But that yarn... NO, back to the socks. But... NO! Ok, guess I had better be socking it away now...

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