Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I can't believe it's not strawberries! Ah, but it is!!

In the land of DIY, I think this is probably cheating, but ya know, I don't care. I got 30 pounds of picked, cleaned, cut and tubbed berries. I just had to put them in LITTLE containers. And with a helpful (read: Dam* it, husband, wait 'till I get the tubs out), husband, I was able to get... I believe 22 containers of strawrberries. With enough left over for the traditional "dinner" of Strawberry Shortcake. And some for brekkers. I am quite pleased. Even if I had to scrounge every last container in the house... I am not going to need much in the berry department this year! (She smiles, while turning slightly pale, realizing she has no tubs left for applesauce this fall.)

Ok, should I start a petition to legalize dumb slaps for anyone who asks who I am voting for this election? Ahem. I am not going to answer, first off, because I DON'T KNOW, people. It's what, 17 months away? Haven't like, two or three people already said they were running, ran out of money, then left? Several that say they might, maybe, possibly, think about running... Perhaps. But haven't entered yet?

And besides, I don't generally tell who I am voting for anyway, as I have found it's a most excellent way to start an argument. But I digress. I think anyone that isn't a pollster should be dumb slapped, if they ask more than oh, 3 months before an election. (And I think that might be stretching my patience). And the pollsters? Tar and feather. All year. ANY TIME. We are West Coasters, and I don't know how many people here have said, gee why should I vote, they said X is already ahead in the polls at 6pm (pacific time). Well, I know that because of Hawaii, it would make it hard, but I feel there should be a total black out until the next morning. Or at least until ALL POLLS in the US are closed.

Oh, and I would like world peace, calorie free chocolate, and to win the lottery, too, as long as we are at it. 'Cuz I don't believe dumb slaps, black outs, or calorie free chocolate is gonna happen. Too bad about the chocolate...

On one other note... I have to say I poo-poo women who have seven zillion pairs of shoes, or purses. I laugh. HA! How wasteful! HA HA!! How silly! HAR HAR! What would posess someone to have that many?

Then did I fall off my perch!

I cleaned my craft room. I started organizing my needles. I stopped counting at thirty pair. (That does include double pointeds, but not my circulars. It also doesn't count my needles presently stuck in projects, or set with projects. The numbers could be astronomical...)

I just bought some #3 longs, as I was not going to use the ones mentioned a few blogs ago, and the patteren called for #3s. So. Needles. Um. I have uses for them, and except for 2 pair, I have used them all. Uh, and they look nice... Uh.

So, did I tell you about this neat website?

http://www.signatureneedlearts.com ?

They have this fascinating swirly finial on the end of one type of needle. Uh. Hey, at least they take up less space than shoes.



Dang. Busted...

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