Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Visiting Yarneritaville... and a Fork?

This photo is just for fun. My cat somehow got this feather stuck in his collar, and was walking around with it over his head. What would be his Indian name? Three-footed Hunter? He Who Hunts Mice? He Who Sleeps Under Bamboo? Eh. I thought it was cute, at any rate.

This is some alpaca/merino I spun. I did it as a single ply. Now what to do with it. I am contemplating either lace of some sort, or baby something. Shoes? A hat? I don't know... I sure like the color, but boy, oh BOY, did I over spin that puppy. I still have little kinks in it... And that's after soaking and weighting it, and drying it with LOTS of weight. It did de-kink-ify some, though. I just wish I could spin it less tightly. Practice, I guess...

This is my haul from Woodland Woolworks. I could have spent way more than I did, but I went with the idea I wanted: Black fiber, for a hat, white or natural fiber, two books on building spinning wheels, (one with a lathe, one without), sock yarn that would go with one of my tie-dyed t-shirts,(doesn't everyone match socks and t-shirts? I also want to make the socks as "mitten socks" so I can wear them with flip-flops), and variegated fiber. I left with all of it except the variegated, because I just couldn't find what I liked.

I found some needles that I should have gotten, but didn't know what size I needed. I like to knit items like gloves, and they have these TINY double pointed needles, they would be a blast to use, but I have to find my glove pattern to see what the general size of needle I use, so that I can have a matching set of tinys (tinies?) for the fingers. I had been thinking about using dowels cut to size and sharpened, but these are metal, and less likely to break or snag the yarn. Yes, I am picky, why do you ask?

I don't have any pictures of the radio fair. It was pretty good, I got a 20's vintage radio for $10. I think it's pretty (a broadcast radio, not amateur), and a kit to make a crystal radio. You'd think I would have made one by now, as long as I have been around electronics, (and my Dad, who is the epitome of "build stuff"), but I haven't. It was kind of fun to walk around and see what was there, but I had the oddest thing happen. Seaside has two decks, the lower has groups, like the Red Cross, and Businesses, like Icom radios. The upper deck is for general public that wants to sell odds and ends. I was walking across the upper deck, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to find a middle aged gent smiling at me, and he asked,

"If you lost your fork, what would you do?"

I answered, "Uh, I would suppose I would use a spoon?"

He chuckled, and left. Yes, you do meet ALL kinds at ham fairs. But it was interesting, and I saw a few people I only see at the fair, so it was nice that way. Dad won a radio, too, so that was fun. He didn't even realize he'd won, until Mom and I shrieking and yelling woke him up that it was his call. I think Dad is so funny that way. He would probably not even register if he won the lottery, unless Mom checked the numbers...

So, back home to laundry. And more laundry. Note to self: Do the darn laundry BEFORE you leave!

Tomorrow: The llamas get sheared. Lord help us all.

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