Saturday, June 23, 2007

Why is this yarn hanging on a coathook?

So, a cautionary tale for you. I was blissfully wandering 'round the house, realizing I'd finished all my "have to's" for the day. What to do, what to do... Hmm. Oh! I know, I haven't finished my charity socks. Well, what goes well with knitting? Tea, of course. (We see where this is going, yes?) I set yarn down. I set tea down. I stumble. Juuust a fraction. But enough. The tea sloshes, ever so slightly. Right down the side of the cup, right on to the yarn I am knitting... And wicks right up like a sponge! I didn't get a drop anywhere but on the white yarn... So, like the crazy woman I am, scorched into the bathroom, and soaked the stuff in gallons of water. Which, obviously, made it unfit for knitting, (unless you are into drippy yarn, I am not...) It didn't stain. *whew*

So, note to self. Don't drink tea and knit. Other note to self. Yeah, right...

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