Tuesday, July 17, 2007

160 Days Until Christmas...

So, with any luck, I might get these finished before. I hope to put little jingle bells on it somewhere on the ankle, just to be annoying.

I have three pair of socks I am working on right now, mostly because it is summer, summer = hot, hot = no large, lap lopping projects. Purple basket pattern sock, and the white pair.

No, the white socks still aren't finished. And your point is? I am drinking tea a lot, will have to go on a water diet when I finish that. Lot's of UFO's or WIP's, depending on your definition, Unfinished object if you feel that dropping something for 3 months is excessive, Works In Progress if you don't.

Me? I ain't tellin'... (Ahem. DUH!!)

I do have one finished project. Well, I need to put the ribbon on it for the hat 'n shoes, but the KNITTING is finished.

I have finished a baby set for the Navy Marine Relief Society...

This pattern will not soon be repeated. I found it rather boring. It LOOKS nice, but I don't want to get a needle up my nose, because I have fallen asleep knitting the thing. Which probably makes no sense, when you realize I knitting socks with a very basic pattern. Except... I do change the heel. Or put a pattern in where there wasn't one. Or put a furry cuff on. And I switch from item to item if one bugs me, or I get bored with it. (This bugs Husband unmercifully, he wants to start a project, do the project, and end the project. Not 47 in simultaneous-nuss. I think that's another reason we don't wrap Christmas presents together anymore...) Perhaps, also, I did this one, and didn't do anything else until it was finished.

I know! Next time I will start three of them at once, then I can switch off when I am bored, annoy Husband, and get three sent off relatively quickly to the charity all at the same time! Now that's what I call multi-tasking!

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