Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Some Important Numbers, Some not...

(Some of these Husband threw in...) So, in No Particular Order...

911 - Emergency number in US (most places.)

811 - New number to call for locates. At least around here.

3,4,5 - Right triangle.(I wish I could remember the joke about a hippopatumus here, but oh, well)

360 - Degrees in a circle.

24 - Hours in a day.

64 - Commadore, my first computer. (And I still think it's a good computer.)

3 - Holy Trinity.

3.14... - Pi.

7 - Number of Harry Potter books. (Well, it's important to my Dad and I...)

9, now 8 - Number of planets. (I think Pluto got cheated... Big time!)

7 - Seas.

50 - States in the US.

1533 - Year Queen Elizabeth I took the throne.

1991 - Year Husband and I joined forces to conquer the Universe... (Still working on that...)

4 - Number of Llamas I have.

20 - Number of Chickens I have.

2500+ - Miles I have to go to get Musk Ox fiber to spin. (At least that's the closest I know about, right now.)

40 - How many years old I am today! Happy 'bout it, too!

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