Monday, October 08, 2007

The Case of the Spilled Spinach...

It was such a lovely time at OFFF. I had worn some white pants, and had wandered around in the yarn areas, fiber areas (!), and even in the barns. (!!!) I decided I was hungry. It was breezy, so I opened the window behind the stove, and the door, opposite the stove. I thought, I still have some spinach left over from last night, I will heat it up and finish it! Yum!!

So, I did. Well. It was breezy that day. I had eaten most of my meal, when a gust came up. Now you have to understand, that in my trailer, the stove has a cover, that stands up when the stove is in use. The breeze went through from the window to the door... Pushing the cover down. On the spinach pot. That wasn't quite empty... ON THE FLOOR. AND MY PANTS.

After some panicked wiping, digging spinach out with sponge, towel, and even a butter knife (spinach is sort of like gold leaf, but not in a good way, it sticks and stays...) and just sort of, Oh, G*D! This is... Not going to ruin my stay!

And it didn't. Husband looked at it, and said, well, guess I know what the next pressure washer job is going to be.

So, after a heavy amount of Husband's elbow grease and pressure washing, the carpet is clean.

After my taking out almost all the stuff from around and washing it down, cleaning all the burners, wiping down the fridge (directly UNDER the stove), and mopping the bare floor, twice, it now is clean, and doesn't smell like... Rotten spinach.

And Husband hates the smell of spinach to begin with. That's why I had it at OFFF, so he wouldn't have to deal with the smell. But I guess the wind had other plans.

But the pants are OK... Mom said that perhaps I shouldn't push my luck wearing them to that event again... Perhaps she's right! I might want spinach again!!

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