Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Well, yesterday in the chicken house was interesting. I don't know if the roosters were scuffling, if Long Tail wanted out really badly, or just what, but I walked to the door and there was a bit of a riot going on inside. It only increased when I was actually at the door.

I opened the door, and WHAM, Long Tail flies out, and does a bank shot off of my head. I didn't even have time to duck! After he hits my head, he then loses control, rolls in the air, and lands upside down in the mud, with one of my other roosters, Pebbles, running off and screaming in terror. I guess I can understand, it's not everyday that you have a Rhode Island Red land (ahem) over teakettle and smack a spot of ground right next to you... 'Course, can't say I'm very used to Rhode Island Roosters doing bank shots off my head, either!

I was off to Eugene yesterday, I finally found a vehicle in my budget. I now have an adult tricycle. I tried a bike, but found since my accident, I can't balance at all well, and wanted something a tad more stable. Now I just have to work on riding something with gears and hand brakes. I grew up with "coaster" brakes (forward go, backward stop), and one gear, pedal you go... So at least I don't need to relearn balance on top of all this!

It isn't a 'cherry' bike, but it is usable, as is. It has a slightly bent fork, and could use some TLC, if not Bondo, but for what I want it for, it is fine. And in the spirit of naming nearly everything I have, it has been christened "Old Hippie". Because I found it in Eugene, where I have seen lots of folk who could be classified as such, it was sold to me by someone who looked like the Caucasian version of Bob Marley, and the bike itself has the brand "Free Spirit". And, it's not new. Sooooo, Old Hippie!

Still cleaning the cra(p)ft room. There is a storm due in tomorrow in this area. I betcha I might have some time to clean tomorrow!

IF the lights stay on. Oh. Right. We have a generator.

Never mind...

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