Sunday, October 07, 2007

Oh, my Fantasy Fiber Flock!

So. FINALLY got slowed down, cripes and a high half, September was busy! I went to Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival (and it's the first time I could actually use my OFFICIAL TYPE name, "Fur 'n Feathers Farm". Not selling or anything, just thought it was cool.)

Anyway, so, I now am in love with several critters, so have now decided some folks have a fantasy league of various sports? I have a fantasy FLOCK!

To wit:

This fine critter has incredibly soft fiber. He came up, and after a wee bit of sniffing (camelids seem to have this thing about checking out your face by sniffing it. A vast improvement over doggy methods, in my opinion, even if camelids do occasionally need a breath mint.) And the nice gent who let me pet said camel told me that two would fit nicely on the amount of property I have! And since I have llamas already, gee, I would only need ONE... (I do actually want to get a camel, but there is rather pointed objections from someone in the house. And it ain't the dog, folks!)

No, they didn't put an exploded cotton ball in a cage. This little cutie is a bunny. I think an angora, but I am not completely sure. There was a large contingent of children around the cage, and I wasn't able to get the info on it. But it is cute, it is massively fuzzy, and hey, this one is small enough to put in the chicken house, or garage, without too much problem. Maybe two or three? Hmmm.

This is a Jacob sheep, I believe. (It might be Navajo-Churro, but I am pretty sure the multiple horns lead to Jacob.) This would be some lovely fiber for spinning, and these guys pretty well can care for themselves. Yearly checkup and maintenance, food, make sure that they have water and shelter, ya pretty much have it covered. Or at least that's what the sales lady/owner told me. I keep wondering if they leak out of holes in fences as much as standard sheep. I can see my neighbors calling to see if this "horny sheep" is mine.

These guys were neat, too, but a little past their prime for shearing, I think.

This is a maybe. I was rather pleased with the quality of the under hair of this yak. BUT... I was raised around cows. Cows can be obnoxious, and with those horns... Hmmm. I also note, I was checking the undercoat, and can assure you all, that a yak's tail, when connecting with a person's face, will feel very like getting swatted with a whisk broom, and can knock glasses off. NOT good, for she who has 20/roadkill vision. But they are (or at least the ones at the fest) were heavily laid back, and were more interested in snoozing than much of anything else.

There was also LOTS of llamas, a few alpaca, some goats, (didn't get a picture of one other in my line up, a Cashmere goat), and a... Chinchilla? A grey colored thing that looked like a cross between a rabbit, a kangaroo, with a side order of rat and squirrel thrown in for visual interest. I was not exactly sure the little guy was even REAL until the owner sat it on the table and it started wandering around. OK, I have my limits. That was just a little TOO exotic for me.

This year, anyway.

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