Friday, October 12, 2007

Starting others...

Worked on cleaning my craft room today. Some. So, to sum up...


I didn't know that much CRAP could congeal into one spot! I am working in Baby Steps (thank you, Fly Lady), and so at least my table is becoming visible again. I will still be working on it... A lot.

And will be a bit more vicious about disposing of the 10+ boxes that have become (non)decorative fixtures in there. I guess it wouldn't bother me so much, except for two things. I can't do much in there with this "STUFF" blocking much of the area.

Aaaannnd I have several boxes of crafting items that SHOULD be in the craft room, but were moved, and until I can get the storage room facade out of there, they ain't movin'.

So, I will start looking into some of these malicious boxes. I know just from glancing into a couple, I could drop the whole box into a fire, and wouldn't miss much in the contents. I will have to see what would make good contribution to charity, if they would take odd ball stuff like I have, then the rest will be taken out and summarily dumped into a trash bag, and heaved into some fine receptacle for garbage and such...

One or two items I do want to keep, like the TV tube case I bought, I want to repaint it and use it for beads, or knitting stuff, (but most likely beads), however, I have to be able to GET TO IT to be able to work on it. And I would need a PLACE to work on it... (Well, except for the painting, I will have to do that outside or in the shop), so I have some sort of motivation, anyway.

And, with a little more work, Rudee will be ready for the Iditorad any day now. At least that's what the back of my legs and my right shoulder are telling me. So, if you see a portly woman wearing an ugly danger orange vest with a dog pulling on the leash for all he's worth, yes, that is me.

Note to self: Google "Leash training, pulling"...

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