Thursday, November 08, 2007

Conspiracy...? You decide.

OK, this little round chick isn't a conspiracy nut. I don't know anything about the grassy knoll, (I was born a few years later, heck, I didn't know what a grassy knoll WAS at the time...), I don't think the government has a Black Ops, (really, we are talking about the government here, the folks who can't keep a secret about when they are going to invade, say, Somalia? And I am supposed to believe that they keep secret American Ninja types that go do someone in a Bureaucracy's bidding? I won't lose sleep on it...)


I am beginning to suspect a conspiracy between MidLevel ISP, and SlamSpam virus protection. They are trying to send me to the loony bin. Not that I am that terribly far from it, but I don't need the help, thanks.

I try to send an email, the dial up dies. *sigh*, what did I forget... OK, have the dial up, and now I can send out an email. RIGHT? No.

SlamSpam virus protection informs me I am sending out a virus. Well, I will just have it run a scan.

scanscanscanscanscanscanscan beep, 0 viruses found.

Good,so I can send the email now.

Sorry, SlamSpam says MidLevel ISP has burped, and I need to re-transmit. Hmmph.

I re-transmit.

NOPE, there's that pesky virus again!

Grumble, snarl...

scanscanscanscanscanscanscanscan beep, 0 viruses found.

I give up. All right, it isn't going through. Fine. Turds want to play that way, I will send a letter, or phone, or something.

About a half hour later, Husband gets the email. Reply, asking why I sent the message to x person 4 times.

Then the next day, no one gets my emails.

I am switching to the Post Office. I like my post person. Kinda Goth, though, dresses all in black, and has this sword that he carries on his route. Told me it was for use on vicious dogs. Hmmm...

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