Wednesday, November 14, 2007


See my nails? (Sorry 'bout the slight blur.) This is becoming a problem. Husband likes them. Husband would prefer I not cut them, as they "look nice on me".

Thank you. That is lovely.

However... THESE SUCKERS ARE A PAIN!! I am not used to them. I am trying desperately to keep them nice looking when I do things like, oh, picking up eggs, cleaning the hen house, cooking, working with the llamas, closing gates - that are more than likely using bailing wire as a latch, and typing. (I also will mention, I am now completely helpless with opening a soda pop can, but considering the caffeine, possibly that isn't all bad.) Even turning pages in a book or magazine can be a bit of a challenge, if the pages are slick.

I try to type, and as like as not, I hit two keys, one with finger, one with nail. This makes blogging interesting. (Put it this way, if I kept all the mistakes I am making, this would be completely illegible.)

I try to open gates, and catch nails on wire, or scratch up my hands avoiding getting nails caught.

Maintenance. I forget how many times a day I have to file these things. You remember the Ginsu knives, the ones that were super thin, and super sharp? I believe they were based on my nails. I have thin nails, they are nasty sharp, and catch on everything. SO, filing catches and nicks are a must, or I either have snaggy looking nails, or they tear or break.

Knitting is interesting. I have noticed that I can tell the minute, nay, the SECOND a snaggy spot appears on my nails. But, surprisingly, that's about the only problem. I did mildly stab my finger with a dpn, but really, that was probably as much klutz as long nails.

Working on my carder is right out, unless I can solve the problem of the nails. Gripping and grabbing are death to these claws.

I am beginning to think a compromise is in order. Husband will have to tolerate shorter fingernails, and I won't cut them to the quick...

But, I must say, they are kinda pretty. If I didn't have to DO anything...

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  1. i too have nail issues. i am a massage therapist and cannot have any, but i've had long thick healthy nails since kindergarden. its been a crying shame i can't have them now. btw, what is a carder? is that to do with carding mohair or fleece? i recently acquired an angora goat and have a bucketfull of her hair and no idea what to do now. you can see her picture and info on my blog. :)


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