Friday, November 09, 2007

Que es?

I was shopping today, and I was tickled. I normally do my shopping, get the heck out, and go home.

I actually stopped and listened to this one.

I was looking for soft cat food, (long story, one of my cats lost a fang. Hmm, maybe that's a blog for another day...), and a family came up. Looked like Grandparents and Grand kid, but could have been parents.

Kid: Nope, I don't see it.

Whereupon, Grandma said something in rapid fire Spanish. I am way rusty on Spanish, but gathered more or less she was looking for one particular kind of cat food.

Kid: No, it's not here, I remember, it's in a pink bag with yellow letters.

Grandma again says something equivalent to "Let me look". Grumbling, she checks the whole display.

Kid: It's NOT there, I looked!

Grandpa pipes up and says something, I think he was saying they would try the other store.

Grandma is still looking. Intently.

Grandpa and Kid walk off.

Kid looks back over her shoulder and calls out sing-song, "Martina, we are going!"

Grandma looks up, says something... I suspect my high school and minor bit of college Spanish might not have covered that word, *ahem*, and they walked off.

It was then that I realized, the girl never spoke Spanish once. The Grandparents never spoke English once. Most of the families where I shop, it's one or the other. But they obviously understood each other.

Now if they could just find the cat food.

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