Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008! Yippee! (I guess...) and FO's!!!

Is it just me, or does getting all excited about a new year seem a little silly? I mean, well, December 31, and January 1 aren't ALL that much different...

But anyway.
I have pictures of the shawl and socks.

I used some (I think) Lion brand, or Red Heart (lost the label), it is white with a stripe of some silver going up it. This was interesting to knit, I tended to pull the little silver plastic-y stripe out of the knitting, I didn't do much damage, but did stretch it out of shape a couple times. I just forced it back into my knitting, and went on.

The socks were knit with Lion Brand Baby yarn, Mom said they are nice and warm (since I knit them in acrylic, they wash up well, too...)
I knit these with a "hugs and kisses" (xo) cable, and a heart on the foot top.

I managed to finish Husband's birthday request. He wanted curtains for the shop. Not a biggie, thought I. Simple, basic sewing.

Cough. Uh.

Then I actually tried it. For those of you that don't know, I can sew, if I have a loooong time, it's all straight lines, and you don't look very close at the finished product.

It covers the windows, and Husband only had to tweak the curtain rod about a 1/4 inch to make them even. Hell, I'm happy. No, sewing isn't my forte'. Why do you think I knit?

I also made some purple socks, we haven't decided whether it's Donny Osmond or Prince purple, (Gawd, does that date me...), but the pattern is pretty much my own. It's a basket weave, and Heavens, they are warm. I *think* this is an acrylic... Could be some silk I bought a long time ago, but I suspect acrylic.

I am on a jag of knitting up my stash, and trying not to get more, so I have room to put my yarn I make, among other things. I am starting a patchwork sweater, just 'cuz.

Resolutions? What resolutions? Ahem. Yes, I will be working on them. Just not today. The ONE final curtain, (of 4, he wanted to be able to open them, to look outside... Picky!), took me over three hours to finish. I am taking the rest of the day off...

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