Wednesday, January 23, 2008

CSI: Needle case...

Well, Mom went to the doctor yesterday, and we arrived rather early, (read: about an hour...), so I was muttering about needing a Chibi. Mom asked, what's a Chibi? I told her it was a needle case, basically a small plastic container for storing needles. I needed one for my purse, as I tended to have the needle find the lowest corner, or deepest wrinkle in said purse, and so would dissapear when I would have need of it. (Yes, I realize carrying needles in my purse sounds goofy. Eh. It's better than the coffee stirrer I commandeered to use as a cable needle!)

(Want to know what a Chibi looks like? )

She had to go in for an EKG strip. I was musing about going to a local shop to pick up a Chibi, when she came out of the lab with a big grin on her face. She then hands me two test tubes! These are brand new, unused test tubes... So, here's your Chibi, she said. I think this is a cool idea. I am calling it a "faux chibi", and was chatting with her about it, and then Mom mentioned that I would need to take the fingerprints off the tube, so tape would stick. I blurted out, "CSI: Chibi!" And it stuck.

(Had to make it all technical looking, now, didn't I???)

I know a lot of knitters want a particular color of Chibi, (for some reason, pink is popular in this area, and I don't care for pink), but I have seen lots of different needle cases, but I think this one is maybe rather unique!

Funny thing, in the "learn something new every day" department, "chibi" is also involved with Japanese Manga. Let's just say, I wasn't expecting little cartoons when I looked up chibi...

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