Thursday, January 17, 2008


I have been working on my carder...

Here we have a belt. Belts are flexible. They make things turn. This belt is flexible like a rock. New belt.

This is the teeth for my carder. The OLD teeth. YUCK! Someone left fiber in, and it took in moisture. I will need new teeth for it, too. On the bright side, the teeth come in 8 inch wide rolls now, so it won't be such a challenge as this was to take off, being about one or two inches wide, and on a diagonal...

This is the front of the carder, I don't think I will have to replace any of the front, but boy, do I need to clean it!!! More WD 40 on the turning points wouldn't hurt, either.

And, just so the whole blog isn't pictures of carder roadkill, I am working on a "house sweater". (For you non-Muggles, I mean a sweater for 'round the house, not Griffindor. I intend to make one of those later, from Spun Yarn... WOO!)

I am making this from stash, and each color is a different stitch. Yarn Harlot might not approve, since I believe it's all acrylic, but since I am using it for such glamorous things as feeding llamas and cleaning the chicken house, I am not too worried. (Besides, if I made it in acrylic, and tore it on a gate or something, I would be upset. If I tore a wool sweater, there probably wouldn't BE a gate, as I would be finding out how to crush it to bits with Husband's backhoe.)

So, I have been busy, and it's been something besides cleaning the chicken house!

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