Tuesday, January 22, 2008


My brain is on low power today for some reason, so, the show begins, chicken house free!

Good. Started knitting some gloves. My own pattern. Hard to see on the picture, but the cuff has a tri-twist cable. It is coming out nicely, and so far I haven't lost any needles.

Bad. I thought the yarn was blue verigated. It's purple. I am not a great big fan of purple.

Good. The things are practice, and will probably be work gloves, so it doesn't matter.


Bad. It's been really cold.

Good. Found that I can carry stuff better and remain more stable, if I use my child hood wagon.

Better. I tied the wagon to Rudee, and let him carry the wagon.

Great. He loves it.

Bad, but hilarious. Rudee isn't ready for the Iditorad, "go" works fine. But I tell him to stop, he feels the wagon touch him, and he takes off again, I had to have him load up on the hill so he'd stop.


Bad. Mom needs a knee replacement.

Good. A doc she likes is back from Texas, and will work on her.

Bad. She has some metal in her legs already, so the replacement will be more complicated.

Good. He thinks that he can do it, and that he can have a successful surgery.

? News as events occur.


Good. Checked resolutions I made.

Bad. Haven't done all of them yet.

Good. Tried to at least start on some of them.

Sneaky. Not tellin' ya which ones I've not done yet, so I can do more of them before I write about it...


Bad. Out of ideas for blog.

Good. Bye!


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