Saturday, February 23, 2008

Spring Hopes 2008

Spring is starting to, well, spring here. I am trying to eat better, so Mom and Dad decided that I needed fruit more than chocolate for Valentine's Day. So I received 4 trees, (we actually exchanged one, no one really was excited about plums, so we traded for a pear.)

So, my new orchard start consists of a Royal Ann cherry, Gravenstein Apple, Bartlett Pear, and a Bing Cherry. These are the new kids. I also have about 6 trees of apple (various sorts), 2 walnuts, (if I can ever get walnuts with out the help of the deer and squirrels...), and a pear.

I hope to have more 'stuff' like this, grapes and maybe some berries, (not counting the Himalayas that I just have, like dandelions or other weeds...). I am going to have a garden again, then hopefully be able to save a bit more of it this year. I still am not going to can until I get lessons, but freezing, drying, and just plain putting back are options. (Along with sharing with neighbors...)

I also received an Angel Face rose bush. This isn't a rose I am familiar with, the little blurb on the package says it's lavender colored, a floribunda and it's fragrant. I have been told to get lavender plants to go with the roses, as deer don't like lavender. (Anything that means I don't have to share with them is fine. Why can't they eat grass and brush like my llamas? Always the roses... Hmph.) So, I am looking forward to seeing 'what develops'.

Oh, and I already put some peppers in peat pots for the garden. Yep, I am cooking now! Or I will be. And freezing. And drying...

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