Thursday, February 21, 2008

Technology. Yeah...

Husband traded out his super woo computer for the internet, allowing me to have my past tense woo computer, (hey, it was woo when I bought it, but since it is well past its "use by" date, it's not so woo...), and my computer is now the house typewriter and possibly game machine. I am surprised by how easy the transfer has been. The only problem is that the "delete" key is in the wrong place for me, and so I have been "alt" ing a lot when I should be "del" ing. But I am slowly learning.

We are still having some bugs. Husband's computer, it doesn't have a way to print. So if I want to print, I have to transfer it to the "OLD" computer, then print from that... Does this sound excessively complicated? You are so right. However, we don't have the printer driver in yet, and I am not TOUCHING any of the techy s*** that his computer uses. I seem to remember hearing Darth Vader's voice and some talk about the dark side last time I tried installing something on MY computer, so who KNOWS what would happen when I would try that nonsense on his.

Besides, it's like a truck or car. You borrow the spouse's vehicle, by G*d, they have right of first ding... You put a ding, the earth could stop spinning on its axis, but they do it, meh... So I am not doing any ding-able offenses on his stuff... I just type and play some games. Heh.

On the OTHER hand, I really am detesting my cell phone. I am tolerating it, as I can get phone calls while on line. (If anyone would call, that is. I think I have given out the number to like, oh... Mom....) But, I found out that it is a tinkery, persnickity bit of junk.

Example, it can't go in my pocket back down. The antenna is on that side, and my hip seems to be a signal sponge. I can't hold the phone certain ways, for the same reason, the stupid antenna will not pick up through my hand. It also is really, really variable on how well it works in the house. One room, pbbt. One room, half is great, the other, if you lay down on the bed, you are fine. If you sit up, you are officially dumped. Fun. I lost phone calls twice until I figured this out.

This follows to my truck, too. If I lean against the window, (when I am riding, I do NOT call and drive), I can usually get out fair... Then the other afternoon I called, and poor Husband had to listen to my near screaming, and the other party. "What? Is that you? I can't hear you..." and so on. I never did figure out why that one didn't work.

The topper though, is that the stupid cell phone interferes with both the land line, and my broadcast radio. I kept hearing this odd sound, like a fan or alternator noise, but there was no fan or alternator around! So, after working with my Dad on this (retired telephone tech), we worked out it might be the cell. He said to set the cell on the regular phone. SQUEAALLL! Oy. Yep, that's it all right. So now I have to be careful where the two phones are so they don't fight. Or keep it away from my radio, because it has a distate for NPR. Lovely.

Ya know, if the regular phone had problems like this, my dad would have been shot where he stood, for the quality... I personally think sometimes that technology is the biggest reason for stomach upset and headache in the US. At least mine, anyway...

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