Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Glug, glug... Snip, snip... Oh, whatta relief it is...

Yes, here it is, in all its glory, my FIVE GALLON PIN! (Cheers accepted gladly.)

I was a LONG time at the donation center. Usually the whole shebang takes about an hour. Well, I don't know if this group was new, or had some problems, or exactly what, but I was nearly 2 and some... And one of the gals put the blood pressure cuff on, then left me, wandering off, and I with no circulation for a bit. I finally had to bring to her attention my arm was turning blue. Not real good, folks.

But, other than the lady in front of me having some problem, it went well, she just went from her right arm to her left, and then it worked for her. I was finished not long after they got her dilemma solved. And so, I am a pint low, and have one more pin.

In other news, I had a haircut today. I guess that isn't big news, unless you know that I haven't had a haircut in almost 4 months. This means I have gone from Siamese, to Himalayan!!! And now back to Siamese again, thankfully. And yes, I did remember to get an appointment for next time, so I am not driving while holding my hair out of my face! Icky!

(And see how you can tell what the pin looks like, and some of the detailing? I am sort of figuring out how the focus works for close ups! YAY! Now I don't have to be 10 feet away to take a picture of a bug. Or whatever. You know...)


  1. I'm impressed. I can barely give blood when they need to take it to test it. First haircut in 4 years! wow! Do yo like it?

  2. Eeep! Did I say years? 4 months... Believe me, if it was 4 years, I would like Cousin It. And not in a good way! But yes, the gal that does my hair got it near perfect... Except, I wish I could down the cowlick that gives me that sexy "Opie" look. Sheesh.


  3. oops! It was probably me missreading your blog. Sorry!


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