Friday, March 07, 2008


Husband is sleeping, so I am going to post right now, so as not to wake him up. Unlike sitting and knitting, whereupon I sneeze, or burp, or drop a needle, or even drop a stitch, and swear, thereby making him lose precious eyelid exam time...

Anyway. I went to my first cat show last Saturday. Sadly, there aren't any pictures. Quite a few of the cats were camera shy, (no photos, please, posted on cages.)

So, we saw Abyssinian. Lovely, spunky cats. In fact, one of the judges was talking, holding a little cat toy, and this Abby kept trying to get the toy. This made for an amusing little comedy routine, she moves the toy, talks about the grading rules for that breed, then zip, out comes the paw, hitting her shoulder (he was in the cage behind her.) She lowers the toy, zip, elbow. Move toy, zip, wrist... All the way down. And when she left, the poor little guy was reaching as far as he could to reach the toy.

We saw "Pixie Bobs". A cat bred to look a bit like a bobcat. Not bad, but the poor things were in the cage so far back, they looked like they were stuffed in!

There were Siamese. I am a Siamese fan, for the most part, but these things had wedge shaped faces. Think, a cat having a mammogram on its face, that's pretty close. Big ol' bat ears, too. I guess I will always prefer Apple face Siamese. I guess I am just not fashionable. Eh.

One gent came by with a big fluffy, slightly yellow toned cat, said it was a Burman. Thought he said Burmese, but it was Burman. A loveball, if ever there was one.

Ragdolls, with the sweetest little "love me" eyes. All together now, AWWWWWW!!!!

A Scottish fold, that was NOT taking the judging with the aplomb you would expect. The judges pick up and handle the cats in nearly every conceivable way, squishing, squashing, pulling, turning, fluffing, darn near fold, spindle, and mutilating! (I strongly suspect the more the cat can be folded into a pretzel, the higher the score.) Well, Mr. Scottish Fold, he was not looking fondly at the judge, and when she started pulling lightly on his tail to check for the correct form (Scottish folds can have tail mutations), he turned 'round and nearly took her finger off. HiSSSSSSSSSSsssss. HIIIIISSSSSSSSSS. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!!! I would not have been quite as cavalier as the judge when he started getting fed up. Mr. Fold was judged a bit quicker than the others, however, I noticed.

There was probably a dozen or two other breeds, but the one I'd never seen before, the Sphinx, was at the show. I had never seen one in real life. That cat is, without a doubt, the UGLIEST cat I believe I've ever seen. Bat ears, over a face like Gollum, a Mini Me Greyhound body, with a rat tail. UUUUUGLY. But the odd part, I'd always thought they were bald. I asked the breeder, and she said no, they do have a tiny bit of hair, so after assuring her I'd not touched any other cats, she let me pet it. (No, I didn't mention that they were UGLY!!!) Sort of felt like a cross between corduroy and suede. And I think my hands were cold, because it jumped a bit when I touched it. Husband said that would be the cat I would get, just so I could knit for it.

Um. No.

So, since I have officially seen the creme de la creme of the kitties in the area, what do I think?

I guess I am still of the mind that my little barn cats have more oomph and pizzaz in them than most all of the group I saw.

So there.

(But I wouldn't mind going again, when the next one comes around...)

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