Friday, April 18, 2008

Cleaning the flower beds...



Except I didn't pull the flowers out. I am still cleaning there. But about 2/3 of the garden is clean for planting flowers. Since this is our "presentation" area, in front of our door, and where anyone can see, I want to make it look nice. I have a bench, and want to be able to sit out and watch birds.

To this end, I ordered from Wildseed Farms, ( (Blogger isn't letting me put in links again. *Sigh*), and am going to get "Butterfly/Hummingbird Blend" and "Western Wildflower Mix". The Western Mix will go out in our front area by the Mailbox. I hope to make the place look... Bright and cheerful? Happy? Dunno, just want more color, I guess.

I had to quit work for a bit, however. Mama Cat has no fear of ANYTHING, if I am doing it. This is NOT a good quality. I was pulling out clumps of grass with a grubbing hoe, (it's the lightest one Dad could find, and it's still, oh, I am guessing, a couple pounds or more, at the head...), so I am digging at a particularly obnoxious weed (Dandelions are a b**** to get out completely), so I swung REAL hard. On the down stroke, Mama Cat wanders UNDER the blade. Panic! I twisted, HARD, and dropped the hoe mere inches from her tail. She nearly became a bobtail in one stroke. I nearly HAD a stroke. Twisted the ankle, too, darn it. But it wasn't severe, so I was able to get back to work. But after her wandering in and out of what I was doing, getting lumps of dirt dropped on her, and nearly stepping on her about 3 times, I gave up.

The garden can wait. (Either that, or I am locking her in a kitty carrier while I work!)

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