Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spring? April Fools!!!

I woke up this morning. This is April the first. Not January, or February the first. APRIL. Spring. Or at least it's SUPPOSED to be spring. I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature. I went out to feed, I am guessing, it must have been about 30. Why do I guess this? Frost Thrusts. At least, I believe that is what they are called...

They look like little crystal villages a pixie might live in. Husband says they look like ice flowers. Yes, I can see that, as well.

But the topper was Rama. She came down the hill, hungry as always, and I realized, she was covered with frost, the length of her back. As were the rest. They seemed to appriciate having NOT frozen hay. She didn't seem to mind the frost on her back, (it is going to be wonderfully warm fiber to spin, I suspect...), but none of the group appriciate the ground, and grass, being frozen.

Can't blame them, I guess. I know my flowers are not enjoying the weather. I walked out to look at my tulips, stumbled, hit one, it shattered! EEEP!!

So. Could someone update the weather for us? PLEASE???

(On the up side, I do have several of my pre planted goodies sprouting. More as I get pictures...)


  1. cool frost thingies. I've never seen them before. Yesterday the weather couldn't make up its mind. It was sunny in the AM, then snowing mid-day, then sunny again by 5pm, then the wind picked up like crazy!!!

  2. I think they are pretty neat, myself, I've not ever seen them until I came to this place. (Which doesn't mean they aren't elsewhere, just haven't seen them before.)

    As far as the weather, I am beginning to suspect Mother Nature is having a Nervous Breakdown... We have warmed up, but now it's Wind, Rain, Wind, Rain, etc.




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