Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My Garden, part one...

Let's see, I actually made the effort to put plants in, AHEAD of time, so I will have healthy starts... I hope. So, we do a count. Tomatoes...


LARGE pumpkin starts, that look like they want to come out of the planter...


Blurry sensitive plant, for the house...


Peppers. NO check. I have planted the d@^^ things 3 times. That is enough! I will buy the stupid starts. Grumble.

Zukes. I should start these. I really should. But I am afraid of my parents coming over, opening the door, and there would just be this mighty exodus of vines, pumpkin and zuke, fighting to get out of the door. Husband would be hanging on to my hand, as we ride a huge green wave of veggies! Chaos!

I also planted some Birdhouse gourds, they are almost identical to the pumpkins, just a tad smaller. Check.

And finally, for a little luck,


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  1. very nice. Love the clover at the end.


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