Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Scrapper and Tuxedo.

Well, Hadn't mentioned the resolutions for a while. I actually have been working on cleaning out the craft room. There is a lot more, uh, craft in there than I thought. (Actually, take the FTout, put a P in, and you will be a lot closer...)

So, I have been giving away yarn, and thought I had it down to a manageable level. I noticed I had a clothes hamper in the craft room. I had been thinking I could use an extra clothes hamper. It had been buried by a lot of boxes, that now have gone away. So, too, did I figure this one would wing its way to another room, fulfilling a need, and getting out of my craft room.

HA! I plan, the gods laugh. A lot.

I picked up the hamper. And grunted, it was HEAVY!!

Huh? Why would an empty hamper be heavy?
Then I opened it. OH, MIGAWD! Where did all of THIS come from!???!!

It was completely packed with odd bits of yarn. Most of it, I don't even remember getting. And it was bits, not enough for ONE project, unless perhaps someone is into acrylic washcloths. (I am not.)

I didn't want to try and foist it off on people again. I figure, if someone wants a skein or two, great, I can share, but most people don't have a use for varied and numerous bits of yarn, having no relation to each other but that they are all acrylic.

Hmm. So, I decided to make... The Scrapper. It is as follows.

Longest and Largest sized circular needles you have. (Mine is a size 10, and 29in, as I remember.)

Cast on at least 200 stitches with 3 strands combined.

3 or 4 rows of Irish Moss stitch.

Create a border of Irish Moss stitch (4 stitches on each end) and stockinette the center. Each time you run out of a bit of yarn, tie a different one on and continue.

End with 3 or 4 more rows of Moss stitch.

Ta Da.

I *will* use up that &^$@ yarn...

In other news, we seem to have a new cat. We have been referring to it as Tuxedo, as "That stray long haired black and white cat" takes too long. Well, we have found that if Rudee the wonder cat chaser isn't around, Tuxedo will actually come out of hiding. We are encouraging this, because I don't think he's eligible for AARC (American Assoc. of Retired Cats) yet. He actually has been seen mousing.

News as events warrant.

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