Sunday, May 04, 2008

Blazing Saddles

Well, my poor hens are having a time of it. The roosters are... having their way with the girls, and when they do, they tear feathers off. I have too many roosters, and I don't really want to do them in. (Much. I have tried giving a couple away, but... Eh.) I am seriously considering "summer housing bachelor pads" for a few of them, but until that happens, I had to help the girls. So I go to the handy-dandy Junior Woodchuck's Guidebook, (Also known as Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens), and I read about several cures for this.

Cut the toenails off and cauterize them. EEEEEEK! NO!!

Separate the males and females. Possible, but not going to happen right now.

Chicken saddles. Hmm. Won't hurt anyone, and it will add a bit of protection for the girls. So, I asked Mom to sew up a few, and I jokingly said they could have stripes, so we could have racing chickens... She did! I love it!

So we have 2 of the girls modeling the 2008 Chicken Racing Saddle.

So, now if I could just get them to run in a straight line.... Simultaneously... Hey, it works for Donkey Basketball!

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