Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Seaside Part One.

Well, told ya I was going to blog about Seaside, so I thought I better get at least a little on the screen.

We actually made a stop BEFORE Seaside, to my own personal Nirvana. I am thankful I don't have credit cards, because, this joint would melt them...

I bought a couple new skeins of yarn, one will be socks for me, one will be socks for Mom, (mine has yellow in it, hers has blue, will put up photos when I actually start knitting...)

Dad came in, and I kept hearing, wow, didn't know that was in here. This place is bigger than I thought. I chuckled, as I had brought him in to see the spinning wheels (we are going to be building one together, if I can get my act together...), but he saw why I take so long now!

I also bought a knitting mystery book, a "cozy", I believe it's termed. (Why, I don't know, there is a cute way to commit murder?) And a WildFibers magazine.

(I also bought a new set of needles. Nothing to see here, go on to the next paragraph. Hey, they are tiny ones, I didn't have them...)

I enjoy this store, if any of you knitters out there need help with a project, go there, they have wonderful folks, (other than they are quiet as church mice, one just about scared the crap out of me when I was intense on a magazine... They should wear bells or something...) If you don't live close enough, get the catalog. No stock, just very happy customer.

So, we arrive, and after an evening plan was disrupted, (we rented DVD's, and the player was dead at the hotel. Did they fix it? Did they give us a different one? Did they pony up the DVD rent? Nope, nope, and nope. And they didn't do several other things, which adds up to not going there next year...) But, we watched TV, ate dinner out, slept, then entered:


There was about 4 times the amount of 'stuff' as shown in this picture. There were new radios, there were older radios (upstairs), there were parts, there was equipment to repair radios with, there was clothing with and without ham themes on it, there were radio bags, (a most popular one was the cloth Kenwood shopping bag. I have a feeling several people were getting it, even if they are Icom fans. I know I did.) However, I am non-denominational as far as radios, if it works, and isn't like running the bridge controls of a 787 Dreamliner, I'm good. Let's just say I am a big advocate of the KISS method. There were people jammed all about, but not as many as in years before. Gas had a LOT to do with that, I suspect. Dad and I cruised the main floor, then hit the upstairs for the used stuff, where a lot of neat stuff is, I have also seen some, ahem, boat anchors, junque, what have you. Usefulness is in the eye of the beholder. I purchased quite a few little things upstairs, but they weren't for radio hobby, they were for knitting, little brass o rings, they will make quite good stitch markers.

I do some looking, but am there as much to see friends, and to help Dad with his purchases, (I carry them so his hands are free, that way nothing gets set down and forgotten), so I stand a lot. I get tired of standing, so I knit. This amused one of my friends, who is also a ham, she asked, how do you do that, I would be afraid I would drop the stitches with people so close. I laughed.

I quote me, "I have several pointed objects in my hands, and I am not watching where you are, would YOU get close?" She turned confused, then pale, then chuckled, "Maybe I should take up knitting!"

I was trying for the Yarn Harlot look, but the gent wasn't happy about me taking photos, so this was a stealth shot. It's funny, these might become collectors items, it's not neccesary to know code to be a ham anymore, if I read it correctly. This has created a lot of controversy, there are heated debates about who is a real ham, with "Know code Tech" t-shirts, and various belittlings of those who don't, or learned 5 words per minute for the extra.
Me? I keep my mouth shut and knit. (But I do know code.)
I will have part two in the near future, but Mom is going in tomorrow for surgery, so for now,
*(For you non-hams, 73 is shorthand for best regards.)

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