Sunday, July 13, 2008

I am cheap. But quantity discounts do apply...

I had a goal yesterday. I was going to N.W. Local Mart to get some Elderberry bushes I had my eye on. I had two that I planted, one is doing ok, sort of, very small. The other, well, it was mowed.

Note to self, paint markers BRIGHT COLORS.

Anyway, I was looking around at the Elderberries, and then saw a whole shelf of plants, separate from the rest of the plants. I wondered about it, and looked. The plants were the last chance types, buy now, or they are chucked out.

So, I started nosing about.

Hmm. A post 4Th of July "Firecracker" bowl. Lots of color, and lovely when it started. So, what's wrong with this? Little peaked looking, but everything in it looks fair. Hmph, let's get that for the front porch. And it was 20 some when new, it was a tad over 8$. Seems good for me!

Hey, they have those little Dusty Miller things. They just need to water these... 25 CENTS? MINE!

And the Salvia, too? Into the cart...

Uh, no tag. But it has a blossom, pretty... and it's a quarter, also? Dang, it's coming home with me.

Oh, look at the Coreposis thingies? A whole flat for 3$? MINE, again!

So, I took the plants to the clerk, I had what would have been about 40$ or so at the beginning of the season, for about 14$. I was pleased. I took them home, trimmed a few dead leaves and spent flowers, watered, fertilized, then planted or put them in their new homes. It took a bit, (my shoulders STILL don't like me...), but the plants seemed to take right off, even within a hour, they seemed to have revived quite a bit.

It really livened up a couple bland areas in my garden.


I never did get the Elderberries!

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