Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Love birds, socks, and excitement down the road...

So, told you I'd get a picture of them. I tried to get it as clear as I could, but Houdini is a "feral" rooster, you walk near, he moves QUICKLY away. So, it is a picture of the love birds, working in my flower garden, having a romantic breakfast of grubs and whatever. (I shan't get too specific when working out the dietary preferences of poultry. Ick...)

I have two socks finished at this point... Now if only they were a pair. I have one of my Harmonic Rainbow socks finished, and one of the Blue Hawaii socks. So. I am going to start on my next Blue Hawaii sock, and then finish with the other, if I can get them finished in this two week period. Hopefully. Then I can work on... say it with me, now, MORE SOCKS! Heh...

Yesterday had a lump in my stomach! I walked out with my Mom and Dad, who'd come over to see what had been going on at my house, (Mom is improving, she looks good, and is almost through with therapy, still using a walker, but more to steady herself than anything), and it was very breezy. It always is in the afternoons, especially if the weather is due to change. I looked up, and there was a big puff of SMOKE in the sky. OH! SH*T! This is NOT good. I asked Dad to run and tell Husband, then walked down our driveway to see if it was either neighbor's barn, or shops, as one does welding, the other has a lot of hay stored. It wasn't either one, and by that time, Husband had jumped in the pickup and buzzed down the road.

Turns out, the fire folk were already there, we just missed hearing them (Dad did, however), but one of the neighbors further down the road was cutting hay. Blade hit rock, caused spark, made fire. OOOPS! Good thing he had a cell phone, I guess he called right as he saw it catch, and the firemen were there in short order, and had it out very quickly. I am rather happy about this, as the weather, being so hot, has been wonderful for drying out hay, which makes, oh just LOVELY tinder... And it could have spread very quickly with the wind.

It might make for an interesting summer. I feel for the Californians...

(I will continue to blog about the goings on at my house, but the latest copy of AARP, had some neat blurbs about writing memoirs. While I haven't really thought about specifically writing from then to now type book form writing, I thought some of the items could make interesting blogging. Much better than "cleaned chicken house", at any rate...)

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