Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Note to self... Write Blog.

It is sooo pathetic when I have to write "write blog" on my "to do" list. That wasn't really the problem today, just didn't have much to write about. Summer of Socks sock? I have until July 5 to finish. I have a little over half a sock finished. Not an auspicious start...

I tried a new pattern. I don't really care for ONE LITTLE STITCH combo on this pattern... K3 tog. On the needles I have, knitting three together is nearly impossible. It takes patience, (which I don't have), and a chrochet hook, (which tends to snag the yarn). I wish I could figure out a different way to make the stitch, the socks will be great... If I can get them finished!

I am officially seeing flowers in my garden! I present (according to the Wildseed Farms Catalog):

Sweet Alyssum

Toadflax/Spurred Snapdragon
Shasta Daisy

And, Little Orange Cute Flower I don't know what is...

I figure if it's pretty, a flower, and it doesn't look like it's going to be a nuisance, I will just let the little whatsit grow. That's what I will call it, an Orange Whatsit! It goes well with the Elifino that I have in the other garden. How is the other garden?


It's a work in progress. Slow, glacial progress. I do, however have some orange lillies about to bloom... If you can find them with all the crapola that has come back with a vengance. (sigh)

In other news, I have a new best friend, when Rudee isn't around.

This is exactly how he spends almost all of his time around me. He loves to stand ON my feet, leaning against my legs. Makes weeding and walking, as well as watering a definite challenge. He isn't a tiny thing, either, so I really don't nudge him well, he just nudges back, and doesn't move. So, he is carried a lot...

He has earn the name Cat o' One Tail. I had him in my arms, opened the door, Husband was on other side of the door. Tuxedo was scared spitless, jumped, ran up my front, and launched off of my back... With four claw drive. I was rather thouroughtly scratched, Husband spent about 15 minutes or so just cleaning all the claw marks, and then another 15 or so putting Neosporin on them. G*d Bless Neosporin! I certainly need it enough...

But, I got him calmed down, (well, both men in my life, Husband was worried I would get an infection...), and got Tuxedo to understand I wasn't angry at him. (I screamed in pain when he launched off my back, and so I think he thought I was out for his hide...) He is now following me everywhere.

This is his "Assistant Chicken Feeder" look. Rudee will do this too, but it is the first time any of my cats will WILLINGLY go in with the chickens, they tend to attack tails, or toes. However, I suspect Tuxedo would return the favor, and they know it. So he finds a shady spot, and Voila, one relaxed cat.

So, back to knitting, and hopefully I will get the sock finished! If not, I will be burning the sock the midnight oil trying to get it finished, especially since that Lewis and Clark picture gave me an idea for my next sock!

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