Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today's My Birfday!!!

(I have a little friend that says that sentence exactly that way. I think it's adorable...)

So, what did I do on my birTHday? Um....

I worked on getting some llama beans into my garden. The llamas don't seem to mind. They just wanted to see what was in the bucket, and gave me the oddest look when they figured out it wasn't food!

I dead headed some flowers, put them on a tray to dry for seed, knitted some more on my Harmonic Rainbow socks, (and yes, I did clean up after my bout with the beans...), and then went to dinner with family. Some of the family were people I'd not seen in some time, and I didn't realize Mom and Dad weren't familiar with them, so I felt a tad dorky when my Step Mom in Law did the introductions. That minor awkwardness aside, it went pretty well. Mom was getting a bit achy by the end, but it sort of worked out, because we could all gracefully exit.

I had a nice birthday, it actually started yesterday, Husband took me to the coast, (guess what dork forgot her camera??!?), and we had lunch. He also bought me another llama, and a camel! And a lion!! Uh, they were little plastic replicas, but it's the thought that counts, right? I received some towels from Step Mom in Law, and some funds from Mom and Dad, because Mom was sort of incapacitated, and couldn't get out to get anything for me.

I have a really neat family, and I am blessed. Even my llamas want to help!
Well, so do my cats, one on each foot as I weed, and Rudee sticks his head through the deer fence to wash my ear, if I am close enough.

I am happy!

And thank you to all who sent me birthday wishes, e or otherwise!

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  1. Happy belated Birthday! Sounds like you have a wonderful family. :)


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