Monday, July 28, 2008

What have I been up to?

I finished the Harmonic Rainbow socks. I am still working on the Blue Hawaii socks. (Much more complex pattern...) These, having been started several days before the SOS 2008, aren't eligible for anything but socks on vacation, I believe.

Husband had gaping holes in his pant knees, that were just catching on everything. I decided they needed patches. Had some old jeans that I took the pockets off of, and decided they fit just right on the hole, and voila'-

I have been trying to keep the hens in the pasture, Houdini's girlfriend must have encouraged some others to escape, we had three get out, and they just LURV to go down to the road. One has had her wings clipped, the other, well, she managed to get back in with the others, and so we didn't figure out which she was... Urk.

My fine new hairball is fitting in well with our family. He has assigned himself the job of being a foot warmer. I nearly stepped on his HEAD today... He is actually getting along with Rudee, which is great, I had despaired that he'd even tolerate a dog, let alone befriend one. So, when I go out to feed the chickens, I have Rudee and Tuxedo in the pen area. The chickens have become used to this, for the most part, with the exception that Tuxedo has decided that if the hens aren't moving fast enough for him, he just swats the nearest one on the tush, and they flat MOVE when the swat-ee squawks...

As you can see, walking with him can be a bit, well... Complicated.

So, life continues apace, the garden is growing (it LIKES llama poo), the animals seem happy, if a bit over warm (I empathise...), and we seem to be doing well. So.



  1. oh no! A foot warmer, hope he learns to stay out of the way, wouldn't want him getting hurt.

  2. I am as worried for myself on occasion, as for Tuxedo! Silly cat walks under my foot, *AS* I step. I am figuring one day I will have to explain to the EMT's why I am splayed out in the chicken yard, with a broken whatever... "Well, uh, the cat was in the way, and I just had to avoid him..."


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