Sunday, August 10, 2008

PEEE- UW!!!!!!... !! (And AARP music...)

Last night was highly interesting. And, were anyone watching our house, probably entertaining, in a Keystone Kops sort of way.

At 1:30am, (I looked at the clock), Husband and I woke simultaneously, and both started sniffing. A lot.

WHAT is that smell?!??

Being that it was awakening from a sound sleep, we of course, were calm, rational, and started rushing madly through the house to look to see if something was on fire or some equally disastrous thing. Then my brain cells finally woke up enough that I registered. That isn't smoke...

Skunk! BIG, bad, awful, STRONG skunk smell.

We pretty much figured a skunk couldn't get IN the house, but we didn't know why the smell was there. So husband got dressed, and started outside with a flashlight. I started walking around in the house, to find where the strongest 'scent' was. It was near the front door, so I stuck my head out, whereupon my two cats decided that was fine invite for them, and tried to come in.

So, I sniffed them.

Nope, no skunky smell on the cats. This was repeated, somewhat less effectively, on the dog, who also was skunk free. And happy as all get out to have both of us up at that time of morning. (He usually doesn't get to see us until at least 3, and usually 5 or so...)

I started sniffing heater vents, about time Husband came in, and he mentioned he'd walked around the house, and that all the screens that would go below the house were in place. He also said it smelled worse in the garage, than it did in the house.


It was nearly bringing tears to my eyes in the house! ICK! So we started turning on all the lights, so we could see, then opened all the doors, windows, and I turned on the fan in the bedroom, to at least dissipate the smell. Wow, what a reek. We tried to go back to bed, but between the stink, the adrenaline rush, the light, and the activity, neither of us went back to sleep quickly. It had finally seeped back outside by morning, so the house is livable again, but whooo-ie, yuck, and a half! Husband and I were musing that this would be the time for the Sheriff to show up, and wonder why every door, light, and window would be on or open... I guess if we told them to take a big sniff, it shouldn't be too much of a mystery. Unless he had a plugged nose...


I am 41. I am NOT eligible for AARP. Nor is Husband, 7 years my senior, but still, we are not retirees in the literal sense yet.

So, on my birthday, Husband takes me to Coast Indian Casino, where I love the buffet. (Gambling... Well, does the fact I found a dime in the parking lot count?) I was looking at the "Coming Attractions" billboards. Singers, some comedians, and then one caught my eye.

Foreigner would be playing there. I enjoyed that group, and was continuing to look at the poster for times and such, when I realized the sponsor's logo in the corner.


I get the AARP mag from my parents, and was looking through it, when I saw an ad for the AARP's 50th Anniversary. Concerts will be given by: Paul Simon, Chicago, Natalie Cole, and Chaka Khan.


The music that said, "Don't trust anybody over 30", is being played by (mostly) guys over 50, and is being sponsored by a group for people with an average age over 65!

But it's playing the music I had grown up with. I guess they are trying to make the Boomers feel included? I am post Boomer, I believe... But the idea is there. Huh...

I have had a song worm in my head for a day or two, with "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight" playing.

This song worm brought to you by AARP?


Not yet anyway.

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