Friday, August 29, 2008

Three bit word diagnosis...

Well... I went to Dr. Eyeball yesterday. He is a very nice man, and except for the "puff test" where they check for glaucoma, it's actually enjoyable, for the most part. Had my yearly eye exam, so I can get my glasses/contacts.


I asked him for the second time about flashes I'd been having in my eyes. (For all reading this blog, this IS NOT a good thing, if it looks like you have flashbulbs going off, GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR, it could mean you have a detached retina...)

I do not, however have this. He checked last year. Nothing wrong. I went home vaguely reassured that I wasn't going to have my vision go out, but again with these dingy flashes. I asked him about it again, telling him that I was told it was important. He assured me it was, then pondered. (He's good at pondering...)

You have high blood pressure? No.
You have low blood pressure? No.
Does this happen when you stand suddenly? Not in particular...
When DOES it happen? Randomly. It has happened any time of day or night...

He pondered some more.

What do the flashes look like? Off yellow and green mostly...
He peered at me. Green? Flashes are usually white.
Nope. Green.
Then he asked, do you get migraines?
Nope, I have only had one.
But you HAVE had a migraine...
Yesss... ??

He smiled. I think you have Ocular Migraines.
Wha-whas? (I have such snappy comebacks...)

Turns out, the nerves in the brain that make a migraine in the brain, those nerves, in the eyes can have the same thing, but instead of making pain, makes oddball flashes and "hallucinations". I guess the clue for him was the fact the flashes weren't white. Colors are the biggie in this diagnosis. He then asked if it was causing me problems. Nooo, just looks like I have paparazzi in the brush taking my picture on occasion...

He then grinned, said, well, smile and don't worry about it!

Yeesh... But, hey, if I have flashes and not pain, I can put up with a comedian doctor!

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