Thursday, August 07, 2008

We interrupt the Summer of Socks for...

A knitted afghan square.

I have an Internet friend (Hi, Ryan!) that is going through some hard times, and so I knit her a square. I had INTENDED it to be a neat bunch of colors, as I had a bunch of samples I wanted to use. I made the mistake of putting it with stinky, stinky yarn, so that will probably be just strictly some sort of thing for myself...

This is alpaca, I think. There is a possibility that it's mohair, though. Either way, it is as soft as soft can be, and it's some of my hand spun, so I think that makes it a bit more special.


Ok, what would YOU do? I try to use re-usable sacks for my shopping. I have one that I especially like, it's large, roomy, heavy duty, and has kitties printed on the outside.

I went to a local grocery, and the young clerk just squealed, "Where did you get that?" I told her, and she told me she remembered, (it was at another local store, and they had a varied selection of bags), but then she started saying, "yes, but I don't like cats."

I was taken a bit aback, I said, well, uh, there were ones with shoes, hats, flowers..."

"Yeah, but I am NOT a cat person. I like polka dots."

"Uh... Well, they had a selection of a LOT of different designs."

"Yeah, because I really don't like cats."



I am feeling pretty good now, but boy was I doing badly this weekend. I helped with clean up at the faire site, and I found out, I am not used to using my Dad's weed whacker. It's much heavier, and I held it out and away from me for several hours, boy, was THAT a mistake. I also pitched hay for several hours after. Aspirin. Needed MUCH aspirin...

I also forgot my rake. Oops. Hopefully it was well used.


Well, I now head back to my regularly scheduled sock.

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