Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Nuh UH!!!!



Not October. Can't be.

I just got through with my busy time, with Faire, Shrewsbury, and Fair, Oregon Flock and Fiber, and am taking a Citizen's Academy, and harvest, (Tomatoes. Lots and LOTS of tomatoes. Oh, and zukes. Yes, I can actually use them, I make Zucchini bread for later on. No, I don't want yours. Heh.), and just getting the HOUSE CLEANED UP, since I have been gone during each of these little events. I tire when I travel, so I just camp. Nothing seems to be close to where I live, so I figure, hey, what's a few extra bucks for camping, it pays itself back in the fact I can enjoy myself, I can have a place to rest, and I don't have to drive back tired.

I've almost finished my S. Faire entry for the blog, gee, what, 3 weeks late? And I will have an OFFF entry as well.

I also have some ideas peculating about the "squatters" in my head. I have been taking the Citizen's Academy class, and it has been getting the front burners burning. Now if I would just take the time to sit down and WRITE, it might work better.

Oh, and I am knitting another pair of socks. Griffyndor socks. For a friend. That I don't think reads this blog... I guess I will find out if she does...

So. Need to get back to finding the front room table. It looks like a bit of Modern Art. "Mail in Overload". I suppose that putting gas on it and tossing a match might be a bit of overkill, so I guess I'd better try it the more labor intensive, somewhat less destructive way.

Back soon... ? (Soon, of course being a relative term...)

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