Tuesday, December 30, 2008

End of the year. I guess...

Well, it's almost the "NEW YEAR". Eh. I guess that the end of the year isn't structured enough for me to feel like something has "ended" or "started". Oh, well.

Let's see. I guess I could do an end of the year wrap up. I knit. Socks. Lotsa socks. In fact, I hope to finish at least one more pair before Jan. 1, but it's not critical. Knit some other stuff, as well, but it was mostly a sock year.

Lost some animals, mostly to predators, or old age. I did gain 3 new animals this year, two chicks, and a kitten. ANNNND, (drum roll) the kitten is named...


We finally decided that he purrs so much when he's happy, and is so lively, it just fit. (I was still holding out for Schrodinger, though... But it isn't much of a joke if no one gets it.) We also refer to the kitty treats he eats as "buzz beans", we joked that they were ground up espresso, as he'd eat one, then go zipping all over. He is out with our brood o' animals, has made friends with everyone except Rudee. I guess having a nose half your size, and a tongue larger than you suddenly appear could be somewhat intimidating. Mom has insisted on nicknaming him Buzzard. I suppose it's appropriate, as well, he likes to sit on my shoulder and look down at things, and pounce, if I give him half a chance.

Have been trying to get into my charity knitting again. Some success, found some nice patterns, so HOPEFULLY will be able to get some lovelies churned out for the groups I help. I am trying to volunteer for the local Sheriff's Office, so far so good.

Did Shrewsbury 'stuff', did yarn/wool fair 'stuff'. Met new people, lost a few friends, too. Age sucks sometimes.

Haven't decided if I am writing or not. I am not writing, as there is no story on paper. I am writing, if you consider the research notes writing. I have plots in my head and dialogue and such that needs be written as well. But isn't. So. I am headed in the right (write?) direction, just not there yet.

Checked my resolutions. Hm. I did get some UFO's in the FO category. I didn't ever walk the dog, any more than I usually do. I did mostly blog once a week. (I did more than one some weeks, way less than one others, so it evens out. My story, sticking to same...) I cleaned the craft room. Thrice. Each time more STUFF has been stored there, most of which I DO NOT want, so it is worse than when I started. I think I will just do what I first planned, get a metal burn can, dump things in, and torch. It can't be any worse than fighting the house's personal black hole o' crap... And the spinning wheel. Nope, not finished.

Hmm. Six resolutions, one sort of yes, five, why bother. Sounds about right.

I resolve this coming year to... Eat chocolate, knit socks, and clean the chicken house at least once.

(Hey, these resolutions, I can probably manage!)

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