Friday, December 19, 2008

Just because I wanted to type blog.

(Before my regularly scheduled blather, please let me bestow my condolences to the two officer's families in Woodburn that will be having memorials today and tomorrow. They run in where others run away. God Bless.)


So. I was all set to blog, and it started snowing again... I thing I have snow ADHD. It snows, I start watching it, and then, gee, why is it getting dark, well, that much time has passed! SHHEEEESH!

Well, I get to have inky fingers on Monday, if the weather holds. I signed up to volunteer with the local Sheriff's Office. Passed the background check, and now I have to be printed. I was sort of surprised at this, I have been printed for jobs before, and thought my prints were on file. Well, they probably are... But according to what the Deputy I talked to said, having prints in one agency may or may not mean another agency would have them. Which causes me pause, but we go on.

Kitten yet to be named has grown about a full inch since we took him in. He also knows the word "Breakfast". I can have him lost somewhere in the morass which is my craft room, (why was he in there in the first place? I am not so fast as a kitten...), but just shake the food box and say "Breakfast", he is SO there! A large gauge knitting needle on a hard surface works well, too.

OK, pun joke from yours truly. ***Terrible pun alert...***

What do you call two Scotsmen in kilts, one in yellow, orange and brown plaid, the other in red, blue and black?

Clash of the Tartans.

I warned you...

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