Friday, January 09, 2009

Cumin Walking.

On the bright side, I woke up and felt relatively pain free. On the not so bright side, I didn't sleep. So, any typos, ignore them.

Thank you, the Management.

So, I was reading this blog, and they whip out some Spanish on me,

"Caminante no hay comino, se hace comino el andar."

Cool. But my Spanish is MUY rusty, so I tried using Yahoo's Babelfish translation, which doesn't exactly do great, but usually gives me an idea what it means, to where I can figure it out on my own.

Ahem. The Translation:

"Traveller, is no cumin, become cumin walking."

So if I start walking again, I can become a Spice Girl? Yeah, that was a loser of a translation.

So, I (to use a term I now love) used some Google-Fu on it, and came up with a MUCH better translation. To Wit:

"Walker, there is no path, your path is made by walking."

Much better. Unless you want to be a Beatnick. Or a Spice Girl.

But, for real, I did walk today, and it felt pretty good. My one cat even followed me. The first time. The second, he looks, "Hey, stupid, we did that already." Ignored me until I returned. I do feel somewhat loosened up, and if I don't pay for it tomorrow, maybe I can get some more walking in.

I sure know Rudee the chunky dog needs it. (HA!)

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